What Check Do I Need To Roll For That?


December 8, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

For what? Seeing what’s on clearance at the genie Target. Um. . .

Not much exciting here. Instead of reading yesterday, I shoveled the snow and ice off of my driveway. Just in time for it to start with the freezing rain again today. Hooray.

I don’t even want to talk about West Brom’s performance yesterday. See for yourself if you really want to know.

Steve says "Don't stop. Believin'."

Steve says “Don’t stop. Believin’.”

I am going to be brief this morning as I need to go help one of the J-Crew move their stuff into storage before the ice rain begins again.

That means I need to go get the ice and snow out of the back of the truck. Great.

Here, watch this and let me go do my stuff:

See ya’ tomorrow. More soon. ~SC


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