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January 6, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Do it yourself.

For starters, Cards Against Humanity is blowing up. I keep hearing about people playing it all over the place. Bully for them. But mostly the conversation I’ve been having about it is with Prince Jazzbo. They’ve started a game night at Arlie Muck’s on Sunday nights and that is a game that they want to play at the game night. The only problem is that it is a losing battle purchasing a card game for a bar. So, he opted to try to print a set using CAH’s free pdf. The base set is free from CAH if you want to go the DIY route.

They’re no idiots, though. The card size is different. I am guessing for two reasons.

1) Printing playing card size on a home printer wastes paper and ink. The pdf has the cards resized to minimize waste.

2) They don’t want you printing and selling counterfeit copies of their game. After all, the proceeds go to help kids.

My brother has opted to try to print the cards out himself. He is also making copies of all of my 4+ expansion sets. By typing them out. Personally, I would have bought the whole $80 shebang ($25 base set, $15 Bigger Blacker Box, 4 x $10 for expansions 1-4) and written it off as a business expense, but that’s just me. If you wanted to try to print them yourself, but on actual playing cards, for real, you might check out these guys. Just sayin’.

I’m still waiting on two of my days of Holiday Bullshit that have yet to arrive. Once they show up, I’ll be making a post to tell you all about the goodies that I got.

While we wait, feel free to enjoy this new pseudo-expansion for CAH. It is called Crabs Adjust Humidity. And yes, I’ve ordered it. Both of them. They should be here sometime this week.

Speaking of things that should be here soon, I had the realization the other day that I bought precision dice sets for the entire Pathfinder crew. Everyone except me. That won’t do at all. So, I finally found a set and bought them. I treated myself. These should be here any day now:

ugly dice


Aren’t they handsome?

If you weren’t aware, it is ball’s cold here. No, seriously. The high today is going to be -8°C (18°F). That’s the high. Sigh.

Here’s something that is weird and might take your mind off of how cold and miserable your existence is:

Did it work? No, it didn’t work for me either. Oh well.

I have to actually work today. In that sitting on my butt, trying to get a horse to drink kind of way. Hey, it’s a living.

On that note, I’m off to bust some heads.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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