What’s Not To Like?


January 2, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

I think there’s time travel involved.

Yesterday was a day of cleaning up. Not my house. Batman forbid I clean my house. No, I cleaned up the website.

You may have noticed a few new pages. You may have also noticed that the drop down menus are gone. Fuck ’em. The General Photos drop down menu was a bit of a problem seeing as how you had to careful hover over the menu while scrolling to try to access the newer pages. And that works out great every time, right? So, I ditched them. If you want to access Daily, General, or Ongoing Photos from now on you access them by clicking on their home pages. That goes for Podcasts as well.

I did do something a little weird with all of that. I’m not going to tell you what, but if anyone mentions it to me in a negative way, I’ll change it. Oh, and feel free to give me feedback on layout. I am attempting to make the site a bit more user friendly. Since no one knows how to use the innernet anymore.

Stupid phones.

Also, yesterday was a day of catching up on movies that I’d been meaning to watch, but failed to do so. I watched Django: Unchained and Money Ball. Both were good. I also roasted a chicken and made a box of Stove Top. For me. I hadn’t cooked a meal for myself in a while. I deserved it.

I also started reading “Outlander”. This is where you start to hear Furious Jessy and Teacher Sis squealing like Japanese schoolgirls. I am a chapter in. I am hoping for time travel. Nothing as stupid as this, though:

Why am I reading this book? Peer pressure. That and the television series is about to start. And for once I am going to get into something before it is cool, rather than 10 years after it has peaked. (cough…Harry Potter…cough)

Wanna see what brings all the girls to the yard? This dude does:


In all his kilted glory. (Insert the sound of swooning from FJ and TS.)

To continue the swooning, here:


I knew there was time travel! (Pull fist victoriously to chest.)

Alright kids, I must away on the normal Thorsday bank run for Jesus.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Teacher Sis says:

    Swoon!!!! Sigh!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m way past wanting to have anyone’s babies, but I’ll stay up with any number of puppies all night long.

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