“It is a barren field…”


March 29, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

“In which I grow the fucks I give.”

That quote by, let’s call him “destROYa”, pretty much summed up yesterday.

And it was good.

As a gauge to how my day started today (and hopefully how it is going to continue to go), I just had a brief dialogue with the makers of Rat Queens. Well, the person who runs their Instagram anyway. Because we are best friends. Forever.

As most of you know, Teacher Sis had a little magical mystery tour planned for me yesterday. And by planned, I mean she was adopting the Extreme Wingers life philosophy. She was just winging it.

We started off with the new breakfast menu at Taco Bell. It was alright. Except for this:


That is a sausage breakfastwrap supreme or something. Whatever it is called is mildly irrelevant. What is relevant is that was tasty.

After eating a lot of fast food breakfast “foods”, we headed off toward a crazy yard sale. But we got distracted by an estate sale. Digging through someone else’s home for bargains gives me the itches. It doesn’t stop me from doing it. It just gives me the itches. In that awesome side-quest I scored this for a dollar:

Al JolsonYeah. A dollar. White people are crazy.

Speaking of insane, we headed off to the craziest yard sale ever. The kind that sells armor.

Armor┬áSadly, none of the armor we got is mine. It’s for the kids. With their long hair, and their LSD.

Once we loaded all of our newly acquired gear up, the owners of the place gave us an amazing tour of the property. They are in the process of building a beautiful castle wall around the property. It was pretty bitchin’. And the owner of the house/castle was an author and she was so taken by us that we got 3 free signed books of hers.

Now we couldn’t be encumbered by all of this loot, could we? No. So, we headed up the hill to drop it all off at Prop Ninja’s armory (apartment). Since my trip to Fayetteville yesterday was a brief one, Teacher Sis and I decided to flsuh out my visit by doing our normal Saturday routine, but a day early in another town. And then we can do it all again today here. Booyah.

So, our first stop, after we got rid of all of the armor was our favorite used book store. You know the one. It was here that we met up with destROYa. After acquiring yet more books for my collection, we headed to Hugo’s where I proceeded to eat the ever-loving-crap out of a Smoky Cheddar Burger and fail to be able to buy a medium t-shirt featuring a burger riding a unicorn. Curses!


I want it!

After there, we headed to Ozark Natural Foods so that I could hunt down my beloved glass-bottle sodas. And I bought a few:


Then, we hit a handful of office supply stores. I got a crazy phone case on clearance. Next up it was Target. The power had gone out so, we decided that it was now called “Dark Target”. Sort of Target through the looking glass. Evil Spock showed up. He gave me some Sriracha chips.

Then, it was off to Best Buy so I could try desperately to use my coupons and reward checks. I succeeded! I got myself a bluetooth headset that I’ve been lusting after for a while now.

After that long and awesome day, and the soothing patter of torrential rainfall, we were pretty wiped out. Back down the hill we came. And then a couple of bean burritos and bedtime. Here’s a summary of the other loot I scored today:


Today we do it all again.

And my beloved West Brom faces off against Cardiff City this morning. I’d like to wish the Baroness good luck. Batman only know what is going to happen. But still, Boing Boing Baggies!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    At shirt requires we make a special trip. We’ll call ahead first.

  2. Baroness says:

    Tied. Le sigh.

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