Confusion About the Amazon.


October 29, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

FYI – It has nothing to do with a wishlist.

I slept through my alarm. A lot.

Lately, people keep talking about illegal deforestation of the Amazon. Sadly, the first thing I think of is whether or not that’ll effect my¬†Prime membership.

Yesterday was a day of accomplishing a whole lotta not much. I made big giant brush strokes with not a lot of paint on the brush, so to speak.

The Blacksmith and I worked on plans for the Forge, your one stop shop for all things nerd-gym related. Wanna actually be a warrior like Conan? Want to be a ranger like Legolas or Aragorn? Want to be a ninja assassin? We can help.

That’s why I need a costume. I’m also working on a name for my character. I’m leaning toward “Longstride”. That sounds kinda bitchin’, right? What do you think? Ideas?

I also primed 8 more canvases. Granted they’re smaller and will more than likely we attached together to make bigger paintings, but still. More paintings are in the works.

I also worked on getting my press up and running. It really does seem like every step I take forward, I find that I’m taking two steps back. In reality, I am just discovering the million little things that I’ve taken for granted that are needed to print. I am used to working in a functioning shop. A shop which mine is not. Yet. Baby steps.

And then there was work. More leading horses to water. And not a lot of drinking.

Speaking of work…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Name suggestions – OddBeard (too piratey?), FellBow the Highstrung, Ol’ Bentfinger, Ranger Danger, Lamestride the Elf Taster.

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