The Pressure Continues To Build.


October 15, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Like a kid with ADHD playing with Legos.

Yesterday, I failed to mention just how Monday ended and Tuesday began.

Monday night, I had had enough of the day. After I got home from dinner with Teacher Sis, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My entire right eye was bloodshot. As in the entire eye was red. I normally get a red spot on one of my eyes when I’ve had an exhausting and stressful day. For the entire eye to turn red is a testament to the extent of which I wanted Monday to eat a bag of dicks. So, I went to bed at 8:30ish.

At about 4am, I woke up because every muscle around my vertebrae, between my shoulder blades, had seized up. I vaguely remember getting up to take an ibuprofen. What I don’t remember is making a palette on the floor in the living room and going to sleep there. Because that’s where I woke up. At 6:40am. Just for the record, my workout starts at 6:30am.

That pretty much summed up the tone of yesterday. I took the truck in to the shop to see about that goddamned squeaking and to find out why the heater stopped working. Also, it was time for an oil change. I got the truck back at 5:30. Oil was changed. Still no clue on the squeaking or the heater. Fuck.

During the day without a truck, I walked over to Lippincottonia to work in my studio. I essentially attempted to print, discovered what I was missing that was necessary for printing, made a list of the missing things, and came home to order them. Almost everything has been ordered.

I also listened to the new Run the Jewels track that just came out. On repeat. All day. All three tracks they’ve released so far have been the jam. I took the liberty of pre-ordering the digital album. I also considered pre-ordering the LP as well. If for no other reason than it comes with a signed poster.

Don’t know about Run the Jewels? You’d best educate yo’self:

I might have fallen down a Fool’s Gold rabbit hole. And found this:

So much music to listen to. So little time.

I’m off to hunt down the rest of the stuff on my list.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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