The Art of Hiding.


November 1, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

While in the guise of being productive.

That’s cubicle skill #1.

I’d like to begin this November first post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Nina Bigpants, wherever she is. Be sure to wish her one as well.

Yesterday was Halloween. Now that that’s over, we can move on to more fun things. Like waking up with a brutal headache. I must have over-indulged on the (root) beer last night. So, I ended up hiding in my studio last night under the guise of taking portraits of people in their costume. In a way, my costume was the most elaborate. I went as a guy who went to a Halloween party, but really didn’t go, but convinced everybody that he was there. At least for a minute.

For some reason, I was under the misconception that flash photography was easy. So, as you can imagine, it came as quite the surprise when I discovered that it was not easy. Most of my photos are dark. Really dark. One that is not, and it’s probably one of my favorites from the night, is of Marvel Girl. Here, check it:


Right? Yeah.

Anyways, I’ll dig through them and lighten them up a bit before throwing them on Flickr. I’ll keep you posted on it.

It won’t happen today, though. I am trying to finish this post because Teacher Sis is about to come pick me up so we can head to Little Rock for the last roller derby game of the season. That’s what I’ll be doing today. And tonight. Shootin’ bitches.

Don’t forget to “fall back” tonight.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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