April 27, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

The adventures of Pie-thagorus.

Yesterday, Teacher Sis and I came up with yet another of our future ventures. This one is a math-themed food truck that serves meat pies. It’s called “Pie-Thagorus”. And it might be my greatest idea. I am going to start testing recipes out soon.

All this came about because I was looking for an excuse to buy a pie press. Because who doesn’t need a pie press?

At some point early on in the day, I declared it a “Me Day”. I told myself that everything I did, everyone I interacted with, and all plans for the day had to be centered around taking care of me and my needs. Because I take care of other people all fucking week. I needed to handle my stuff.

So I did.

I did laundry. I mowed the grass. I took a shower. I shaved. (Which is still stupid.)

I finally finished going through all of the photos from roller derby last weekend. My keepers ended up on my Flickr. You can see them here.

Miss Betty was out and about sharing strawberries, and she stopped by Holliday Island to deliver some to me. I ate all of them already. So, no, you can’t have any.

She had never been to the house, so I had to Trap her here…

Miss Betty.

Miss Betty.

After she left, and I had run out of strawberries, Word to Me came by to handle a few things for next weekend. And then Teacher Sis and Lord Steel Bear came by to bring me my tables.

After I kicked all of these people out, I headed to the studio to proof more ornaments. I finally got through all of the “People”. And I did the “Flora” case. Four down, six to go.

After that, it was the wind down before bed and the long week ahead.

Today, well, only Batman knows what today holds in store for me. Other than a lot of push-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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