Wisdom of the Dessert.


April 28, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Don’t you mean desert? No. Dessert is better.

The innernet told me it was Jean Guyot’s birthday. I’m going to wish him a very Happy Birthday right now. You should do so as well.

No, I didn’t make up a nickname for him. He’s a goddamn French nuclear physicist named Jean Guyot. He needs no nickname to make him cooler.

Yesterday started at 5am. Not 5:30am like normal. I just woke up half an hour before the alarm. Because I’m a crazy person. Since I’m a crazy person, my first thought of the day was “I wonder if Shamrock still has any of the dinosaur paintings from his master thesis show because I would really like to have one.”

Crazy person.

So, I messaged him. The paintings are all over the place now, you know, a decade later. But he agreed to paint me a new one. Because he was contacted at 5 in the fucking morning about a dinosaur painting. A person asking for a dinosaur painting at 5 in the morning gets whatever he wants just so long as he shuts up.

The rest of the day fell into line with all of that nicely.

I’ve got to get a small case for my camera. It keeps getting turned on in my backpack and killing the battery. Nothing is shittier than being all like “I’m gonna take a picture now with my camera.” and the camera being all like “BATTERY EXHAUSTED.” Dick.

Last night I proofed case five of my ornaments (“Fauna”). Halfway there. Five more cases to go. Here’s a small sample of the treasures within the animal ornaments:

Fauna sample


I’ve got some good stuff.

Today, I’m hoping to print at least one of the remaining five cases. Hopefully more. Won’t that be nice?

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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