Broken Down.


June 30, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

And busted.

Doing stuff is exhausting. By the end of yesterday, I felt like somebody had beaten me with a hammer.

What does being beaten with a hammer feel like, figuratively speaking?

Well, since I’ve never actually been beaten with a hammer, but I have been beaten with a bamboo cane and a Wiffle ball bat. I can say that I felt worse last night than I did after either of those. So, I assume that’s what being beaten with a hammer feels like.

Worse than a bamboo cane or a Wiffle ball bat.

My back hurts.

All of it.

The top. The middle. The bottom.

All of it.

Doing stuff is overrated. Hitler did stuff. And don’t we all wish he had just stayed home and gotten stoned?

The first day of Pony Camp was a success. And by success, I mean that I didn’t see a pony. I did cut the PB&Js into dinosaurs, though.

I really don’t feel like going running this morning.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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