House of the Seven.


June 14, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

The Many-Faced god. The Lord of Light. The God of Tits and Wine.

Tonight is the season finale of Game of Thrones. Which religion will come out on top?

I won’t know until I watch it tomorrow.

Or until someone spoils the surprise.

The past few days have been a shitstorm of other people. It has left me exhausted.

Add to that four hours of shooting photos at roller derby last night, followed by a healthy order of Super Nachos, it is no wonder that I was asleep before 11 last night. And I’m in no rush today. Don’t bother calling or coming by, I’m ignoring everyone today in favor of minding my own business. And by minding, I mean tending to, handling, taking care of, overseeing, being mindful of, etc.

By my business, I mean not yours. So keep yours to yourself. Mind your business. And I’ll mind mine.

On my list today is the 1900+ photos I took last night.

Like this:


And maybe some chicken nuggets.

Maybe I’ll go watch this in the theater…

Why not go see “Jurassic World” you say?

Been there. Done that. Friday night.

Was it good?

Let’s just say that everything that you wanted to happen, happened better than you could have imagined. And with dinosaurs. All it needed was Sigourney Weaver in a mech suit with a flamethrower.

Okay, enough talking about what I’m going to be doing and more doing of the things that I’m going to be doing.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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