Sleep Is Overrated.


July 16, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Funny how if you don’t have any of it, though, how it quickly becomes underrated.

I’d like to begin by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Kevi. Be sure to wish him one one as well.

I slept for crap Tuesday night.

And did a brutal workout yesterday morning.

I then spent the remainder of the day trying not to die and/or fall asleep.

I’m officially over the the hot weather. All of you people who are like “Yeah! Summer!” can have it back. And please, keep it to yourself. September 23 can’t get here soon enough.

I did get my hairs cut. It didn’t really help me stop sweating profusely, but it’s a start.

Today is a normal, hectic Thorsday.

Pray for rain.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC



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