Waiting For the Meatloaf.


July 28, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

An actual meatloaf.

Not the singer.

Last night we had family dinner. Yusef is moving to the wild blue yonder to go to grad school, so we wanted to have one more with him before he left.

And we did.

Yusef's last family dinner (for a while).

Yusef’s last family dinner (for a while).

It was too hot in the house for a theme.

Yesterday, leading up to family dinner, was hectic.

Work was a crazy mess of errands. That took me until about 1pm. Then I went by Lippincottonia for an hour to work on hard drive issues.

As I was wrapping up there, K called from Underground Ink to inform me that the moving company wasn’t going to load the pallets with type and that we had to do it so that they could move them today. So I headed up to the school and we stacked type cases onto pallets for an hour and a half.

Then, I came home for a costume change and headed back to Lippincottonia to start making a meatloaf. Which took forever to cook. But once it got done, it was delicious.

Today is letterpress print shop moving day. The best part of this is that I don’t have to lift anything. According to theory, that is. There is supposed to be a moving company coming to move everything. Presses, type, imposing table, all of it. I am going to participate in a solely observation based mission. I am supposed to watch them move everything and ensure that they don’t fuck things up, pretty much.

And that’ll take most of the day.

I might get some tacos out of the deal.

Let’s hope so anyway.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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