Do. Not. Seek. The. Treasure.


August 28, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

We. Thought. You. Was. A. Toad.

That just popped into my head last night. So I titled the post after it.

I almost called the post the toast.


Today is Friday. I’m taking a rest day from workout because I’m exhausted. And because I need my muscles to work tomorrow morning when I run this 5k.

Because I will run it. Maybe not all of it. But at least most of it.

I mean, I didn’t buy these shoes for nothin’.

So, yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day. If nothing else, Miss Betty got back safely from her trip.

But I needed a little something to get me through my cloudy morning before she got back. And that something came in the form of a package from Folding Bones Press. One of my newest letterpress pen pals sent me some goodies.


Folding Bones Treasures

This pleased me. To no end. But the real gem among the other gems was this darling little number:

Sandwiches Cut


That little cut was what started our pen pal-ship in the first place. She had posted a photo of it on Instagram and I mentioned that I needed that in my life. She offered to trade me for it. I had just arranged to be pen pals with Constellation & Co. the day before so I thought that’s what she was talking about at first. But then I figured out that she wanted to give me this wonderful “sandwiches” cut in exchange for some of my silly postcards. It just sort of worked out that we are now pen pals as well, to boot!

I’m such a lucky dude.

I am gonna print something bitchin’ with this. I have to. To honor the gift I’ve been given.

I’m thinking of printing a card that says: “All will love me. (sandwiches) AND DESPAIR.”

Who knows, I might just start printing it on everything.

Speaking of printing, I’ll be doing the final run on the last 100 or so posters for the Unexpected event this morning. I might not be printing at the event, but I’m still getting paid and they still want the posters. So, a printer’s got to print. Because daddy wants some new woodtype and a vacation.

But first, I’ve got to print these posters.

And then I get to go to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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