Running at an Old Army Base.


August 29, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Watch out for landmines.

And by landmines, I mean turds.

Speaking of turds, I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Dave. Be sure to wish him one as well.

So, I ran my first 5k this morning.

The exercising dork in its natural environment.

The exercising dork in its natural environment.

It was fundraiser for our local Humane Society. I did my part to feed the critters.

It rained on us. Of course it did. Miss Betty and I were joined by a young lady, whose name I failed to learn, and we all kept pace for each other. I ran the whole thing. Didn’t stop to walk once. We finished in a hair over 31 minutes, so around a ten minute mile on average.

Not bad given that I have only run a handful of times in the past year. None of which has been for distance. All sprints and intervals. I am very pleased with myself.

I can’t express my gratitude to M.B. enough for encouraging me to get up and do this. Thanks doll. A million times.

Currently, at around 66 minutes in, West Brom is up 1-0 against Stoke City. Boing Boing Baggies!

May your football club do well this weekend. Unless you’re a Stoke fan. And then you have to lose. Sorry. Them’s the breaks.

All right. I need a shower and a nap.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    Congrats and junk. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEEEE!

  2. Chuy says:

    Good job, jerk.

  3. Wait. Me on my 5k or Dave on surviving another year?

  4. I don’t see why it can’t be both.

  5. Chuy says:

    Either. Both. It’s your website, so you decide.

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