The Voice In My Head.


August 13, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Is probably Jim Dale’s.

Yesterday was another busy day.

I did a brutal, but awesome, workout. It was a beautiful morning to do burpees. Not terribly hot. Not terribly humid. Quite pleasant really.

After workout and breakfast, I headed out to begin my errand running.

I bought hoses and sprayer heads.

I picked up documents.

I delivered documents.

I received the new issue of Lucky Peach in the mail.

I delivered hoses and sprayer heads.

I made a donation to a nonprofit.

I met the garage door repairman.

I sorted out an issue with the paper for the printing gig on September 3rd.

I finished “Half-blood” and started “Hallows” in audiobook.

Jeezus! There are other audiobooks, ya' know?!

Jeezus! There are other audiobooks, ya’ know?!

I went by Underground Ink (no longer underground) and received a couple of boxes of 48pt. spacing for all of my help moving stuff around. Now I can use my 48pt. type without having to cobble together “spacing” to lock it in place.

I ate a Frito chili pie and watched bones.

I went to bed early.

Because today is Thorsday. And it is going to be brutal!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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