Now the Preachin’ Is Over.


September 29, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Now the lesson’s begun.

Yesterday, when I wasn’t listening to Harry Potter, I was listening to this:

I should’ve been listening to Meow the Jewels, or the new Gary Clark Jr., or the Big Boi/Phantogram collaboration, or the mix that Dave just made for me. But no. Willie Nelson. An album I’ve heard a million times.

Sometimes you just need to shoot someone who touches your horse.

Nerd Club’s first meeting was a success. There are even a couple of girls in it this year. It was dodgy for a second, but they came through.

Work was about normal for a Monday.

I knuckled down in the afternoon and got through the remainder of the 1800+ photos from Saturday’s double header. I’ve added an album on the Flickr. You can scope it here.

I also made a secret Harry Potter group for a few of my friends and I to discuss Harry Potter. We were all discussing it individually, so I figured I’d rather just put all my doxie eggs in one basket. That’s dangerous thinking, I know. That’s how group text messages get started. Ugh.

Then I ate a salad and took a shower.

Then I tutored about cellular biology.

And went to sleep.

Today is a day of more work and more prep. And probably more Harry Potter.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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