Stop and Go.


September 24, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Now stop. Now wait. Now go. Stop. Go stop. Stop. Go. Stop.

That summed up my day yesterday. It was like a perverse game of Redlight-Greenlight.

Which is a dumb game.

I did, however, get loads done.

I got my wart injected with the fire liquid again. This time my whole finger swelled. It reminded me of one of these a bit…


After that, I fixed La Duchess’s computer. Sort of.

I also met up with Mom #3 to retrieve a very old charcoal portrait of myself that was just unearthed in her garage. Just what I needed. Another portrait of myself.

I’ll attempt to photograph it later today and put it up on the social media. Because the social media doesn’t have enough portraits of me either.

FYI: Those peanut butter bites taste like “peanut butter”. The kind that comes in an MRE or in between two Ritz crackers or when the government tells you this is what peanut butter tastes like using only rudimentary shapes and a four pack of crayons.

They don’t even bother to color in the lines either.

I also got rid of the old couches. They got Salvation Armied. I only had three people interested in them and two of them were geetered out something fierce. So off they went.

Bye couches.

Hello mostly empty front room.

I started working on cleaning up the nasty shit around the newly repaired window. My plan is to finish cleaning it up and caulk it today. And to sort out the pile of books that need to go away. I’m going to reach out to the Friends of the Public Library. Because you need to support your local libraries. Duh.

Once the books are gone, all that will be left to do is clean up the cat tower, pick and purchase paint, apply the paint to the walls, vacuum the floors, move furniture back into the room, and enjoy a relaxing evening with my record player.

Almost there!

Oh, look at the time. The banks await!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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