I Will Play For You.


October 31, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

The song of my people.

It is called “Raining Blood”.

Perhaps you know it.

I know some people are into it, so Happy Halloween. May all of you that enjoy this wondrous holiday. Trick, treat, and whatever else you do.


No, I’m ignoring this holiday. In favor of a new holiday. A better holiday.

It’s called Me Weekend.

Do you know what this weekend doesn’t include?


I’m taking this weekend to myself. To work on my projects and myself. I do things for others a lot of my time. This weekend I will do for me. But before I delve into what that entails, let’s talk about yesterday briefly.

So, I ran proofs of the Sandragraph blocks that I made on Thursday. The three large blocks turned out stellar. The small block, the one with the cool spider web vellum-like paper from the bottom of a cigar box, that was a bust. As soon as I hit it with pressure, the paper collapsed and the proof was just, roughly, ink shaped flat cloth.

But the large blocks. Oh, the large blocks. They are a whole new level. I could just make blocks with parchment and foil from now on and never run out of random, organic, creepy, deep backgrounds. I posted a photo on the social mediums yesterday and I lied straight to your face. That proof was actually the parchment. Not the wax paper. The wax paper didn’t stay adhered too long once I started printing. But still, I got some cool effects.

Wanna see them?


Kitchen Sandragraphs.

Amazing, right?

Yeah. Like I said. Next level shit right here.

If that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one day, I saw that Bad Lip Reading put up their version of the first Democratic debate. Enjoy:

I laughed. Hard.

And that brings us back to Me Weekend.

I started Me Weekend last night. I went with Teacher Sis and Janie J to a heavy metal yoga class. I had never done yoga before. The class was amazing. I cried. For real. Mainly because the women leading the class had chosen “Fade to Black” for the savasana. And I cry most of the time when that song comes on. Add to that the emotional release at the end of the practice and you get a me that cries.

It felt good to, as Sam Elliot once said, cut that shit loose.

That’s how I started the weekend. By doing something that I hadn’t done before. Something that I was nervous about doing. My intent of the practice was to have fun and leave my cares behind. And I achieved that.

As for the rest of Me Weekend, I am about to go run a 5k. All by myself. I don’t have a support network. No net. No anchor. I have to be strong and face my anxiety alone. That and I have to run 5 kilometers. And it’s supposed to rain. A lot. I’m hoping no one shows up and then the pool of competitors will be a bit smaller. That way I can savor defeating all of them, individually, on the field of battle.

Then, I will rest. I’ll have nice brunch. And a shower. Possibly work in the studio. Possibly read. Possibly take a nap.

Then, I’m taking myself to dinner and to a movie. Maybe “The Intern”. Maybe “The Martian. Maybe both.

Sunday I am going to sleep in and take full advantage of that “extra hour”. Then, I plan on eating a big breakfast and spending the day working on my secret project. With a tiny bit of housework thrown in for good measure.

I intend to follow my whimsy and chase each flight of fancy. Because that’s the point of the new holiday.

Feel free to call me if you need anything. Just don’t get butt hurt when I say no. Because no.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Happy You Weekend!

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