Rebuilding the Temple.


October 19, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

The temple of me.

I’d like to begin by sending good doogies to Clipkid and Sica as they drive across this great big country on route to their new home. Please do so as well.

This weekend has been a productive one.

After watching West Brom crush Sunderland 1-0, I headed to the studio to do a little printing with Teacher Sis. We printed the Sandragraphs that me made on Thursday night. They turned out pretty bitchin’.

Printing with Teacher Sis.

After that, I went to lunch with Word to Me and ran a few errands with her.

Then it was time for catch-up on stories with the Rev. Dark Wombat. And nachos. And nerd time.

Yesterday, I attempted to not leave the house. I’ve been trying to put my house back in order for a while now. For far too long. So, I made yet another great stride towards my goal yesterday. Of the nine rooms in my house, I’ve managed to repaint three of them.

So, yesterday I started repainting the largest of the rooms. I got one wall of the six done completely. To be fair, it is the largest and most complicated wall. Plus, I got nearly 3 other walls “cut in”. The first coat of cutting anyway. The room is far from done, but I’ve put a hefty dent in it.

So, I treated myself to leaving the house to help Teacher Sis work on a Halloween costume. And for food.

I also got a bunch of normal housework done. Laundry, trash, dishes, etc.

Today is Monday. Let the shitstorm begin.

There’s a nerd club meeting this morning.

Right after workout.

But before work.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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