The Blocks.


October 27, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Of Grismas Yet to Come.

Yesterday was a better day for me.

Mainly because I got a lot done. According to my own whims.

After I got my work done yesterday morning, I did a little shopping and puttering around.

Then, I headed to my studio to start in on the giant stack of blank blocks that I built on Sunday.

I made a couple using Gingko leaves and one with some feathers…


And I made a couple using random string and sequins…

More blocks

Five more in the collection!

And so many more yet to come…

Blocks of Grismas Future

When I get done, there will be 24 10×16 inch blocks and 12 4×16 inch blocks. Enough to do a million backgrounds with. Or rather 68,719,476,736 backgrounds, to be exact.

Yeah, try to wrap your tiny brain around my empire of backgrounds.

I also found this gem while digging through a YouTube rabbit hole…

I somehow missed that one a couple of years ago. Not their best performance, but still a pleasant surprise.

So, today.


Maybe I’ll work on more Sandragraphs.

Maybe I’ll look at grad schools.

Maybe I’ll just stay in my pj’s and read “Career of Evil”, which I’ve been neglecting for the past few days.

Only one way to find out what today holds in store for me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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