Is That Blue?


November 25, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

It sure looks like black.

So, I painted my dining room. Well, I painted most of dining room. This blue paint that I’m using shows everything that you do wrong. Unless you do three or more coats. At which point it is really fucking dark. To the point of appearing to be black.

I wanted my dining room to be less drab. So I changed the color from gray to black. Now it is most drabbest.

Apparently, drabbest is a word.

I’m okay with a having a really, really dark dining room. I actually think it looks pretty rad. Kinda clean, in a high-contrast kind of way.

I spent most of my day doing that.

Then, I tutored.

Then, I ate a Frito chili pie.

Then, Teacher Sis and I went to the studio for some late evening creativity.

She was working on her tags and labels for her craft business. She makes stuff in jars. Jams, jellies, candles, pickles, etc. So, collectively her council came up with the name and slogan of her little venture.

“Slow Jams. The past is calling.”

Pretty good, right?

Anyway, she set type and started printing these:

Slow Jams

We printed the dial on Sunday.

While she was working on her labels and tags, I was making a new Sandragraph.

Ginger Hair

I was so excited and pleased by the way that the curly blonde doll hair turned out that I had to try one with the straight coppery red doll hair. Teacher Sis was thoroughly creeped out.

Anyway, that new block is for the poster I’m working on for my printer friends for Grismas.

I’m excited to print this. Maybe later today.

I’ve got to paint more of my dining room first. At some point, I’ll have a little work to do. And I need to buy groceries for Thanksgiving. And for Black Friday dinner.

But printing. Yes. I want that to happen today.

Okay. Now is time for push-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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