Lightning Strike.


November 6, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Doing the Time Warp again.

Yesterday was a very long day.

Lately, I’d say for the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up at 5am.

Just waking up. A long time before the alarm is set to go off. And it doesn’t matter how early or late I go to bed. I just wake up.

Sometimes I can go back to sleep. Usually though, my brain just turns itself on and refuses to shutdown again. Occasionally, I can enter into the half sleep world of dreams. This is a place that is partly sad and partly amazing. Normally I find a lot of inspiration there. Ideas for postcards and photos and whatnot. But it is partly sad because the only dreams I have are of work that I need to do.

Or of being abandoned at grocery stores.

That’s always a fun one.

Yesterday was one of those can’t go back to sleep mornings. And then the day just exploded. It went non-stop from the moment I crawled out of bed until the moment I crawled back into bed.

I showered. I ran to the bank for Jesus. I got poked and prodded. I checked on the ranch. I hung more posters at the studio. I bought supplies. I ran a workout. I checked on the town house. I bought more supplies. I delivered food. I hustled. I flowed.

I was wiped the fuck out.

I didn’t print anything yesterday. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve got the ideas. I’m just waiting for the moment to be right.

I’m trying to listen to the stream a lot more these days. Trying to be the stone. Life is much easier when you stop trying to force pegs into holes that aren’t shaped for pegs.

But that could just be the drugs talking.

Speaking of drugs, I got a call from the J-Bird yesterday. They sent her home. So, be sure to call or text her stupid ass and welcome her back to the world of the living.

Today is going to be slightly subdued compared to the rest of the week. But that doesn’t mean much.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Funny, I try to be more like the stream. Stones are for tossers. Or gall bladders. (sometimes kidneys)

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