The Roller Coaster.


November 2, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Has come to a complete stop. Please exit to your left.

I’d like to begin by wishing all of you a Happy Dia de los Muertos! Honor your victorious dead.

What a weekend!

Since we last spoke on Saturday morning, many things have happened.

Oh, where to begin?

Right after I made my post, I went to run the Everyday Superhero 5k. I came in 14th place overall, 3rd place in my division, with an overall time of 27 minutes 38.6 seconds. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t ever run.

After that, it was a shower and protein shake. I forgot to drink any coffee, so I regretted that for the rest of the day.

Oh, and J-Bird tried to overdose on prescription pills around that time. She’s okay now. I mean in that stabilized in the hospital, probably going to be admitted to a psych ward for a little while, kind of way. Send her some good doogies. She’s hit a little rough patch.

West Brom lost to Leicester 3-2 on Saturday, as well.

After the fun of all that sad news, I realized that it was the 31rst of October. On Sunday, the first of November, the Grismas buying ban would take effect. So, I bent the rule about not doing anything for anybody else and called Teacher Sis to warn her of the impending ban. She and I agreed to stave off the upcoming lack of treating ourselves by going into this holiday season in a blaze of glory and receipts. I bought myself a Post-its dispenser that looks like a Polaroid camera, a new quilt and new sheets, a denim shirt, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember off of the top of my head, but I’m sure it’s important and I need it in my life forever.

But for real, though. That Post-its dispenser is ridiculous…

Post-it Dispenser

After that fun excursion, Teacher Sis and I went our separate ways with our bags of goodies.

I then took myself to dinner at El Super Taco. I am a man after my own heart. After dinner, I took myself out to the movies. I saw “The Martian”. It was amazing. I approve of the things that they changed from the book. It was really well done. The “Lord of the Rings” scene was priceless.

After the movie, I decided to follow a whim and went to Walmart to buy the stuff to make (as close as I could) a full Irish breakfast.

So, yesterday morning I made that Irish breakfast. And then I ate the shit out of it.

After I consumed a breakfast of around 386,000 calories, I became very motivated to take care of business. I emptied out my record cabinet. I cleaned the kitchen. I did a metric shitload of laundry (including my new bedding). I threw out a ton of crap. I moved the record cabinet to the studio (with the help of the Rev. Dark Wombat). I just did a bunch of stuff that needed to be done. It was incredibly satisfying.

And then I read for a while.

And took a shower.

And went to bed somehow later than I should have.

This time change is fucking with me hard.

In the brainmeats.

Now it’s time for a solo workout. And whatever madness this Monday holds in store for me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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