There’s Nothing Resting About Her Face.


November 23, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

She’s got a very busy bitch face.

This weekend was exhausting.

Friday night, I went to the Most Awkward Art Show experience. I made it a proper noun because that’s how weird it was. I guess that’s to be expected when you fill a room with people with social anxiety and/or borderline autism.

It was a great show, with a big turn out and awesome paintings, but damn if people weren’t being extra weird. Don’t get me wrong, I got plenty of quality friend time in. The S.A.N.D. crew came out to represent, as well as the a few of the other usual suspects, the Rev. Dark Wombat and Jitterbug among them.

After I mentioned this phenomena of the weirdness to other people, they told me that weird shit had been happening with them too.

Mars is bright tonight…

Saturday was a good day. The good friend time continued. I had coffee and lunch with Crackoline Clifton Monte Carlo and Zaxxon. After lunch, we headed to my studio and CCMC and I activated our Wonder Twins powers.

Form of: Art Nerds.

She wanted to know more about letterpress so I gave her a lesson and put her to work setting type. Not for nothing, but she’s a badass graphic designer, so she brought her “A” game. We printed a little gift for her team at work…

Fired Postcards

I get to be the Stegosaurus.

I let CCMC be the waving cat. Waving goodbye. See ya’… Bye…

While I was busy coffee-ing, lunching, and printing, West Brom was beating Arsenal 2-1. It would have been a draw had the Gunners, in first place in the rankings at the time, not scored on their own goal. Not first place anymore. West Brom is still snuggly in 12th place thanks to us being solidly mediocre. BOING BOING BAGGIES!!!

A little break after printing and then dinner and stories with the Rev. DW. And then nerd time.

Sunday, I slept in. Because a late Friday night and an early Saturday morning combined to wipe me the fuck out.

So, I slept in. And then I made Papa sandwiches and coffee and dragged my feet getting around. It was glorious.

Then, I got to work. Laundry needed doing. And Teacher Sis and I had arranged to work on some labels for her crafts. So, back to the studio I went. Once I got her set up and printing, I worked on trimming up the postcards that CCMC and I made. I also did some lay out work for an upcoming postcard and my poster that I’m printing for all of my printer friends for Grismas.

And then there was soup. And a shower. And folding laundry. And bed.

Today is a crazy day.

I’ve got workout. Then, breakfast. Then, nerd club. Then, a doctor’s appointment. Then, work. Then, studio time. Then, more work. Then, meditation. Then, bed again.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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