With Decision Making Skills Like These…


November 16, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

I could be one of the cast of “Arrow”.


I woke up stupid early yesterday. Because it’s a thing I do now, apparently. My back was feeling much better, and I had had my fill of resting, so I decided that I was going to do a little light work around the house. You know, stuff like paint my dining room which doesn’t involve any lifting of five gallon buckets of paint, or climbing on ladders, or crawling around cutting in next to the trim, or any stuff like that at all.

Oh. Wait.

It does.

Luckily, after Betty Strawberry kindly reminded me that I was supposed to be resting and my back feeling a little better didn’t mean it was healed and that I shouldn’t fall prey to this trickery, I stopped working and went back to resting.

Unfortunately, as I realized come late afternoon/early evening, the damage was already done.

I was right back, pun intended, where I started.


I had every intention of going to workout this morning. But that’s not going to happen. I blew it. Now I’ve got to go through this resting shit again. I’m so angry with myself. And disappointed.

But enough of that self-blaming boohoo session. I’ve got stuff to do today. Luckily, most of it revolves around me making phone calls. Which I can do from a resting position.

Unfortunately, all of the places that I need to be calling aren’t open yet.


The good news is that there’s a meditation class tonight. I am hoping to feel well enough to go.

Happy Monday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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