Too Late! Too Late! Will Be the Cry.


December 21, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

When the man with the playlists has passed you by.

The time is at hand.

For those of you who have failed, up to this point, to make me a playlist, you are quickly running our of time. We have reached over 340 songs. So, if you’re a big fat procrastinator, you’d better get on with it or else you’ll get to spend all of 2016 lamenting your own feet dragging and having to listen to the amazing and terrible songs picked by people other than yourself.

This weekend was a long one.

We (West Brom) lost to AFC Bournemouth 2-1. Bournemouth is so terrible that they’re unbeatable apparently.

When I had gone down to Shooting Star Press last weekend, I talked to the Shooting Star himself about buying a type cabinet. He only had one empty cabinet, so I went about picking a cabinet that was not empty. After some careful consideration, he agreed to let me buy the empty cabinet, but still get all of the type out of my first choice of full cabinets. Double win for me.

The plan was that I would come down sometime after the first of the year and buy my stuff, transfer the type into the empty cabinet, and drive it all back to my studio. This would allow me a few weeks to figure where I was going to put said type cabinet in my studio.

La Duchess and I had arranged for me to clear out the remainder of her belongings being stored in my studio while she is away on holiday. Thus, clearing a space for the new type cabinet.

However, the Shooting Star emailed me on Saturday informing me that he’d be coming into town for Grismas and would happily bring me the empty type cabinet and all of the type from the other cabinet.

On one hand: AWESOME! An early Grismas presnent for me.

On the other hand: SHIIIIT! Where the fuck am I gonna put a type cabinet and an entire other cabinet worth of type?!

So, I spent most of Saturday clearing out La Duchess’s storage and rearranging my studio. I spent a good chunk of Sunday cleaning and hanging a shop light over the giant work table. It finally looks like a real studio. And it is ready for that new type cabinet.

I also watched “Star Wars : the Force Awakens”. So good.

And Daisy Ridley…


… is a badass.

Once her prefrontal cortex is fully formed, I’ll consider having her babies.

Everyone keeps asking me what’s going on this week.

My plan is to hang out in my studio when I’m not at work. I’m going to be printing and planning for January’s Daily Photos. Once I get the last few songs from the few of you who have waited until the last second to send me stuff.

I will begin the making of slips of paper with song title, artist, and contributor that will then be fed into a giant hat (probably actually a pillow case) and drawn one at a time for the making of the master calendar. I will probably make a few backup copies of the calendar just in case someone breaks into my house and steals only my calendar.

Because the show must go on. (Which is a song that has not been submitted.)

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re worried because you picked songs that are day specific. Those will be taken into consideration. Everything else will be random. (A song that has been submitted.)

Rumor has it that the Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein is coming by at some point and we are going to print something. Something awesome. Duh.

Anyway, that’s my week. If you are in town and want to check out my studio, let me know. I’ll probably be there.

Now it’s time for all the sit-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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