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January 19, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Versus Super Cancer.

Today’s song is “My Companjera” by Gogol Bordello. It is being brought to you today by Back Alley Troy.

So, in the midst of, or rather at the end of, yesterday’s chaos, I got my sweet, sweet computer back. That means I have finally started digging through two weeks of photos and prepared them for posting.

I’ll be posting a few teasers, throughout the day, to social media. I don’t have time this morning to do the full update, so you get to wait another few hours and then your patience will be rewarded. And rewarded handsomely.

Some of these photos are the best things I’ve ever done.


And we aren’t even three weeks into this project.

But if I ever had doubts that this wouldn’t breathe new life into the Daily Photo project, I have received affirmation that it is working. The project is back and better than ever.

Yesterday, I had originally planned on building an actual coffin for myself. Then, I realized that I have no intention of ever being in a coffin for any extended period of time. My plan is to have my organs harvested and whatever is leftover will be burned. No coffin necessary. Just wrap my corpse in toilet paper and soak it with kerosene.

I also didn’t want to spend a hundred buck on supplies and then have to store the damned thing.

So instead, I built a tiny coffin out of chipboard. Then, I covered it in red masking tape. It is super adorable…


Which makes me think that I should start making these and selling them to people who shell out tons of money on stuff for dollhouses. There is a serious shortage of dollhouse-sized coffins in the world.

After building my tiny coffin, I started hunting up robots. For like three hours. Wanna know how many I found? 2. It’s bullshit. Where did all of the wind-up robots go? I think everyone got rid of them last week just to bone me this week. Bastards.

After making a few phones calls, I think I have the robot situation handled, though.

Today, I plan on listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey and driving to Fayetteville to box up Maser’s prints that he left in his studio. Good times.

Wish me luck.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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