Ohhh Nooo… the Technofear!


January 6, 2016 by sandwichcontrol



The song of the day for this chilly Wednesday is “Living the Dream” by Sturgill Simpson. It is brought to you today by Junebug.

So all of the technology around me seems to be taking a swan dive. You may have noticed that yesterday’s Daily Photo never got posted. If you hadn’t noticed, now you have. Good job.

Why didn’t the photo get posted?

Because the technosphere decided to teabag me. Just slapped me right in the face with ’em. My desktop computer just decided to restart itself of its own volition while I was sitting in my office reading. Not on the computer. Reading words on paper. Just restarted. I thought it was an auto update thing. It does that sometimes.

I thought wrong.

It proceeded to continue restarting over and over for about 20 minutes in one big happy restart loop. I decided to let it do its thing for a while hoping that it would sort itself out.

It did not.

So I stepped in. Which didn’t help.

After calling tech support at Apple and my problem being beyond what they could do over the phone, they sent me to a repair center.

A repair center that currently has my computer.

The one with my photos on it.

And my photo editing software.

And everything I need to work on stuff for my busted ass website.

I can still make posts from this laptop. Thankfully. You just won’t get to see the Daily Photos until I get my computer back. The photos in the giant yearlong project that I’m working on. Oh, yeah. That thing.

I searched for a photo of Neil from the Young Ones saying something about the technofear, but found this instead…


It’ll do.

I’m just frustrated.

I’m not worried. Just irritated.

Lately it feels like every step forward costs two steps back.

I will continue taking the Daily Photos. You’ll just have to wait to see them.

Since I’ve obviously learned nothing from this exercise, I’m going to be working on creating a Spotify playlist with all of the Daily Songs in it. Each day (or maybe week) I’ll update it so that it’s current. I’ll keep you posted as I make progress on that.

Okay. Let’s get this day started.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. COURTNEY says:

    a spotify playlist, oohhhhh. #nextlevel

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