For Death.


February 25, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Or Glory.

Befort we get started, I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Leon Sphinx. Be sure to do so as well.

Today’s song is one that is very near and dear to my heart. It is “Come On Up To the House” by Tom Waits. It is being brought to you today by Sweetbread. Bless ‘im.

Thanks, Sweet.

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday in my studio. It was kind of surreal.

I trimmed up and stamped the previous day’s bookmarks. Once I got them assembled into their respective orders, because there were orders, I started sending out messages to people to come and get them.

The Lady Darling came by and got the majority of the first run, given that it was her request that made them happen to begin with. Then, the J-Bird came by to visit and wandered off with a bookmark and a lot of my free prints (trash). Then, the Savage Beast came by to get hers.

So many visitors all in one day!

Since I had just relieved myself of the majority of the bookmarks and there were still requests for them pouring in, I reprinted them. Another 100 are drying as I type. To be fair, they’ve probably been dry for hours now, but whatever.

After I finished that run, I took the Daily Photo. It turned out nearly identical to the shot that I had imagined…

"Immigrant Song"

“Immigrant Song”

I uploaded an alternate version from the shoot up to social media last night. If you haven’t seen it, you should go check it out.

After the photo, I came home and ate some peanuts before returning to the studio to work on transferring all of the ink from their cans into mason jars. The cans don’t seal very well, so the ink will develop a skin on top and that eventually leads to “boogers” all through out the ink. And that is a royal pain in the ass when you start putting ink on type. So, K over at Ars Brevis told me a little trick to keep your ink from getting gross. Hence me putting all of my ink in mason jars. Apparently, the ink won’t develop a skin at all.

I did that for a few hours before running out of jars and deciding I’d better eat something other than peanuts.

After that, I pretty much called it an early night.

Today is Thorsday.

It is going to be a busy day. Bank run, errands, doctor, photo, work, helping K move a type cabinet, dinner with Cassattack, and whatever else plugs itself into my schedule today.

May the All Father smile upon you today.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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