It’s Hard For Things To Get Weird.


February 2, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

When that’s how they start out.

Before we get started on digesting the weirdness of yesterday, let’s set the mood for the day. Today’s song is “Time to Find Out” by Chris & Thomas. It is being brought to you today by Amy the Amazing.

Yesterday was a weird day.

Let’s see what it held in store for me…

Workout was gnarly after nearly a week off with me being sick.

Janie J and I were the shittiest X-Men.

I had the strangest phone conversation with Word to Me. Most of it was just silence.

Jitterbug and I planned our knife fight to the death.

I got my passport. (ALREADY?!)

I talked with Lois Lanes 888 about my business cards which somehow led to me buying (nothing there yet).

I took the Daily Photo which was way more complicated than it should have been…

"Iron Man"

“Iron Man”

I got paid, bought the month’s groceries, and paid my bills.

Oh, and I worked all day.

Yesterday was weird. And I kicked its ass.

Today, I’m tired.

Being so awesome is exhausting.

I’m going to go relax.


Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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