The Most Un-Monday of Mondays.


February 16, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Is never a good omen.

Yesterday was a weirdly normal day.

But before we get into that, today’s song is “A Cautionary Song” by the Decemberists. It is being brought to today by Deinonychus.

So, yeah. Yesterday. It was weird. Nothing bad happened. Nothing good happened. It just went by.

I worked out.

I worked.

I did prop and costume construction for the Daily Photo.

I then shot the photo…

"All These Things That I've Done"

“All These Things That I’ve Done”

The “KILLERSLUTS” sign is hanging up in the studio. Naturally.

I worked in the studio for a while.

I ate dinner.

I worked in the studio some more.

Transferring this particular case of 8 point type is the worst. The case is so full that I can’t just scoop it out and dump it into the new case. I have to line up the type into tidy little rows or else it won’t all fit. Ugh. It’s pretty terrible.

For example, I can normally transfer a whole case of type in roughly 1-2 hours. That’s pretty average. I have put in over 5 hours so far on this one and am only 2/3 of the way done. It sucks. A lot. And I’m kinda over it.

I will finish it today. Come hell or high water.

I also need to work on planning photo shoots. I am slacking off. Since I didn’t have a weekend, I didn’t have time to do my usual work on the plans. I need to do that today and tomorrow. Because I am quickly losing that nice, comfortable lead I had built up.


Okay. I’m gonna get to work on stuff.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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