I’ll Take The Hanged Man…


April 15, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Over the Lightning Struck Tower any day.

But we all know the Hermit is my card anyway.

Today’s song is… sigh… “Unskinny Bop” by Poison. It is being forced upon you today by Johnny Goodtime YGB.

Today’s photo is going to be weird. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do yet. One of the major pieces for my shoot is stuck in customs in New York. This is not my fault. When I placed the order, they assured me that I’d have it in a timely fashion. Then, once I get the tracking info for it, it says it won’t be here until May. So, I guess I’m thankful that it’s the U.S. already. A lot of good it does me in New York, but still.

Yesterday was a very long day.

Bank runs, errands, tutoring Trig, and I hanged myself…

"Hallowed Be Thy Name"

“Hallowed Be Thy Name”

It is a dark song. I thought the photo needed to be dark, too.

Today is looking to a very, very long day.

After workout, I have work as normal.

Then more work.

This evening, Ana Maria (one of the artists from the Unexpected Arts Festival last year) is back for a residency and there’s a big “Welcome Back” party. Which I will be working at. Because that’s what I do.

Tomorrow, I’m not doing shit.

See ya’ then.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. PropNinja says:

    So spooky.

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