Praline Versus Editor.


April 8, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

A breakfast cereal.

What a week.

Weird things have been happening around the playlist so far this year.

I know, correlation does not signify causation, but it’s still weird.

Which is why today’s song is so appropriate for this week. Double Morphine week.

Today’s song is “Cure For Pain” by Morphine. It is being brought to you today by Krahli.

Sadly, we just blew our Morphine load this week. There is no more for the rest of the year.

Maybe I’ll just slip in bonus Morphine songs randomly throughout the year.

Yesterday was nonstop.

The photoshoot got wedged in between about a dozen other things.

The photo turned out well. I would have taken my time and gotten a really great shot if it hadn’t been for the million or so ticks that b-lined it up my legs and headed straight for my genitals. Little icky fuckers.

Be thankful I got this good of a shot…

"Glass & Patron"

“Glass & Patron”

I spent the rest of the day picking seed ticks off of me. You’re welcome.

Seriously. The rest of the day.

I also finally got my rucksack in the mail. The replacement rucksack for the one that dry-rotted. And I painted “Bad News, Kathy” on the side of it. Go look at the social media if you wanna see it in all its hobo rich glory.

Accordingly to legend, today is Friday. Thank cod.

I’m going to go exhaust myself now. So that I can be super lazy all weekend.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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