(Not) Very Superstitious.


May 14, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Or else I probably would’ve realized it was Friday the 13th before 10pm.

Today’s song is “Madhouse” by Anthrax. It is being brought to you today by Back Alley Troy.

I bought bunny slippers for the occasion.

Yesterday was a long day.

Starting the day with all the cardio was a great plan. Errrrrrriiiight.

Yeah, my hips and legs were pretty much wrecked all day. I was fine if I was sitting. Or if I was standing. The transition between the two was rough.

I took the daily photo early on in case I got swamped with other stuff. Which I did.

"Telephone Line"

“Telephone Line”

I got most of the cuts and ornaments put away after work.

Then, I went to set up for Old Timers Day. That’s the arts and craft show that Teacher Sis, Janie J., and I are working this weekend. Come give us your money.

Seriously though. Give us your money. Corndogs cost money. Your money.

See ya’ later today. With your wallet.

More soon. ~SC


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