Closing His Eyes, He Leaned Toward Death.


July 18, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

But now, from remote regions of his soul, from past times of his worn-out life, a sound came flashing. A single word. A sacred syllable.


Today’s song is “Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires” by Agalloch. It is being brought to you today by Don Chulius.

Yesterday’s photo was pretty straight forward. I’m sure I’ll catch grief for it…

"For Whom The Bell Tolls"

“For Whom The Bell Tolls”

As I said I would, I spent a large part of yesterday in my studio. I’m working on a more business-oriented line of cards. You know, for business people to send to one another. I mean I can only print so many dick jokes before it gets old. Everybody’s got to mature at some point, right?

So, the first card in the new series is of a more serious nature than I usually print.

Wanna see it?

Well, too bad. I’m saving it for now. It’s gonna be a surprise.

I did reprint envelopes, though. I had run out…

Some Day

I let Sweetbread pick the ink color.

Printing and laundry. That was my Sunday.

Sunday’s over. It’s Monday. Time to do some push-ups and get to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC



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