The Lord Voldemort.


July 30, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Of plays.

Today’s song is “Puff The Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Teacher Sis is the clear winner for providing the most depressing song of the year.

But, on a brighter note, this did provide with the opportunity to buy a dragon costume. Silver linings.

Today’s photo is going to be good, but not nearly as epic as yesterday’s…

"No More Tears"

“No More Tears”

That wig was worth every penny of the $10 it cost me.

I went to see Macbeth last night. They did a good job. Other than the drinking Irish whiskey thing.

Today is Saturday. I plan on puttering around most of the day.

Tonight will be the final game of the Pathfinders. Finally. Larry Jenkins is about to stand alone as high ruler of all of whatever we call the place where we live.

It’s gonna be epic.

Tomorrow? I’ll be planning photoshoots.

See ya’ then.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Needs more rings and oversized cross necklaces. No rockstar should be without an abundance of jewelry. Has Rockband taught you nothing?

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