Your Skin Is So Beautiful.


July 14, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

I can’t wait to wear it.

I missed Johnny Fox’s birthday on here whilst I was away. I wished him a happy one in real life, though.

I’m back, bitches.

Let’s recap where we left off and then move on to what we missed while I was gone, shall we?

I left you with Freddie rockin’ the mic…

And here’s my nod to the Mercury man himself…

"Don't Stop Me Know"

“Don’t Stop Me Know”

Saturday’s song was “2 Hookers and An 8 Ball” by Mindless Self Indulgence. It was brought to you by Amy the Amazing.

And here’s my interpretation…

"2 Hookers And An 8 Ball"

“2 Hookers And An 8 Ball”

I left those props in Denver. I was shedding all the weight from my suitcase I could.

Sunday’s song was “Cruel” by St. Vincent. It was brought to you by Miss Betty.

And my take on that…



I did not leave those props behind. That wig is amazing and that teddy bear was the first one I got from Santa.

Monday’s song was “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” by James Brown. It was brought to you by Oxi Lox.

And my best old man impression…

"Papa Don't Take No Mess"

“Papa Don’t Take No Mess”

Telling the kids to get outta my yard.

Tuesday’s song was “Walk Like A Man” by Frank Valli and the Four Seasons. It was brought to you by Word to Me.

And here’s my nod to Howie Mandel…

"Walk Like A Man"

“Walk Like A Man”

Yesterday’s song was “Future Starts Slow” by the Kills. It was brought to you by Deinonychus.

And this is me hollering and wailing…

"Future Starts Slow"

“Future Starts Slow”

Today’s song is “Hey Bartender” by Floyd Dixon. It is being brought to you today by Prince Jazzbo. Who might be making an appearance in the photo as well.

So, I went to Denver. As I mentioned earlier.

Right before I left, I finally got to talk to Queen Bee on the phone. She’s so dreamy. I talked to her a bunch more since then as well. Naturally.

In Denver I ate a lot of diner food and played the shit out of skee-ball and pinball.

Then, I went to Santa Barbara.

Because I wanted tacos.

And I ate tacos.

Now I’m home again.

I have missed my studio.

I’m hoping to get to see her later today.

But it’s Thorsday and there’s no telling what’s gonna happen.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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