The Old Switcharoo.


August 18, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Or whatever.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Cocoa Kris. Be sure to do so as well.

Today’s song is “Stay Frosty” by Van Halen. It is being brought to you today by Mike Tango.

It was supposed to be tomorrow’s song, but my prop for today’s photo hasn’t showed up yet. So, I switched them. Hence the title of the post.

Yesterday wrecked me.

At some point I had to sit down because my body just wouldn’t do anymore. Of anything.

I had to take myself to Sonic and buy a Powerade slush because I needed sugar and hydrating. I paid for it later when my bowels turned my blue drink to green drink.

At some point after a little rest and a shower, I took the Daily Photo…

"A Kind Of Magic"

“A Kind Of Magic”

Today is Thorsday. The day of thunder.

I can’t even begin to imagine how exhausting today is gonna be. Because it’s my busy day. Because the rest of the week has been so slow.

Shoot me now.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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