Stealing Your Identity.


October 1, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

To buy you an island.

Probably off the coast of Nova Scotia.

You’re welcome to visit me there any time.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Furious Jessy. Be sure to do so as well.

Today’s song is “Shoot To Thrill” by AC/DC. It is being brought to you today by IZA.

Yesterday was a long and exhausting day that could only be remedied with tacos and a movie date. With myself.

Before my taco/movie date, I took the Daily Photo…

"Dance, Motherfucker, Dance!"

“Dance, Motherfucker, Dance!”

Yeah, that’s right. I bought white overalls. They’re amazing.

I’m amazing.

You best recognize.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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