How Many Screaming Argonauts Did You Kill?


November 16, 2016 by sandwichcontrol


Today’s song is “You And Your Commie Friends” by See Colin Slash. It is being brought to you today by Krahli.

Yesterday was a good day. Super productive. Super exhausting.

I went hard.

I had coffee with Teacher Sis first thing. We worked out plans for Word To Me’s birthday and also Thanksgiving stuff.

Then, I went to work for a bit. Work work.

Then, I ate some chicken nuggets.

After the nuggets, I went to the studio. I took the Daily Photo…

"Birdhouse In Your Soul"

“Birdhouse In Your Soul”

Taco Planet helped me make a video. Check the social media if you wanna watch it.

Then I worked on photoshoots for a while.

Until my dinner break. Homemade chili with olive tapenade and hummus as an appetizer. You’ll probably wanna avoid being around me today.

Then, more photoshoot planning.

And I started printing “Christmas” cards for Teacher Sis. She’s putting together little gift bags of bread mix and jams. Reach out to her if you’re interested.

Then, bed.

Today I am starting out with a brutal, and potentially stupid, workout that the Blacksmith has got me testing out. 3/5 of it is jump rope. My calves are about to be wrecked.

Call a tow truck.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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