Over The Week.


November 19, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

Over the month.

For real. I’m over it.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing very a Happy Birthday to Word To Me and Jackie the Mick. Be sure to wish them each one as well.

It’s Tom Waits Saturday once again. Today’s song is the heartbreaker “Blue Valentines”. It is being brought to you today by Pancake Land.

Jeezus that’s a rough one. For many reasons.

Yesterday was a good day. Dare I say Fantastic? I dare.

“Fantastic Beasts” was everything I wanted it to be.

And my Daily Photo turned out great as well…



I also worked on photoshoot stuff. I’ve got the shoots planned out through December 2nd, so mostly I’m working on props and costumes these days. My goal next week is to get the shoots planned for the remainder of the year. And be done with it. Then, I can focus on making the shoots happen and be amazing. Go out with a bang and whatnot.

But I’m not planning shit this weekend. I’m taking a bit of a rest. I’ve earned it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Pancake Land says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. Screw that song.

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