Oh, Stick This In Your Fuse Box.


December 12, 2016 by sandwichcontrol

If you know what I mean.

Today’s song is “Live Wire” by AC/DC. It is being brought to you today by Mike Tango. Here’s a really good live version.

It may have been suggested by some that yesterday’s post wasn’t the most exciting or entertaining. That is true. But, as you may recall, I had made a habit of taking Sundays off from posting previously and have only resumed posting on Sundays this year to keep you informed as to the song of the day and show you Saturday’s photo.

That being said, I will resume my habit of taking Sundays off as of January 1st, in an attempt to keep posts that are less than thrilling to a minimum. Thank you for your patience, understanding, clothes, and motorcycle.

Yesterday was a day of housework. Laundry mostly. I did make some pickles (more garlic and more green beans) for Grismas presnents. I also ate a giant steak, a pot of mashed potatoes, and a giant salad. Because I can.

At the end of the day, Boo came by and put a giant hole in my chest for the Daily Photo…

“Olive Me”

There was lots of talk of “Temple of Doom”.

This week is craft week.

I have a bunch of projects to work on this week. I need to make a puppet theater for Baby Laura. I need to work on an integral part of next year’s photo project. I need to work on the Rev. Dark Wombat’s hammer. And props, costumes, locations, and models for photos. Can’t forget those.

Lots of crafting to do.

First, I need to go work off some of that steak and taters.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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