A Day of Rest.


January 23, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

And by “rest” I mean work.

Today’s theme is: Portrait.

Yesterday was my Papa’s birthday. Happy Birthday Papa!

It was a very long and exhausting weekend.

I took the Royal Family to Dallas on Friday so they could move to Guatemala.

Jesus helped…

January 20

On Saturday Andi the Numbers, Zaxxon, and Scawi Gawi came to the hotel to help send them off in style. I took a moment before heading to the airport, and just took a few breaths…

January 21

People keep asking me if it was sad to see them go. I keep telling people that whatever sadness I felt was quickly buried under the mountain of frustrations caused by the shitshow of getting my adopted parents onto a coddamned airplane.

Then I went to IKEA.

Yesterday I took the day off.

So, of course, I worked all day.

I’m no good at resting in general. Even more so when there is so much work to be done.

There’s a reason I’m always talking about being exhausted.

It’s because I’m exhausting.

But, I did get my laundry done…

January 22

Today is Monday.

It’s back to the normal routine.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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