Home Is Where the Heart Is?


January 10, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Pfft. No. Tacos is where the heart is.

Today’s theme is : Henry.


If I hadn’t been so caught up in the hundred little projects that I’m trying to wrap up because I put them off for so long, I’d’ve prepared a prize and made this a contest.

Next time.


Yesterday was a full day. I went hard.

Workout was gnarly.

Then I went to work.

Then I had breakfast and coffee.


Told you I went hard.

I went back to work until noonish. I took a break to work on comic stuff with Further. She got the comic finished on her end, so I ran copies of it late in the afternoon. And the saddle stapler arrived. Today I will cut the comics and bind them.

I also got the stamp in for the Bad News, Kathy project. We are about to take over the world.

Then I went back to work.

After work I picked up a few more supplies for today.

Then I headed over to Teacher Sis’s to take the Daily Photo…

January 9

This is what happens when you teach middle school.

After that I ate a little dinner and called it a night.

Today the books are pretty clear so I’m hoping to get loads done on the comic and the BNK front.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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