Bentley For Scale.


February 23, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

A Bentley?

No. The Bentley.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to La Duchess. Be sure to wish her one as well.

Today’s theme is: Henry.

It’s important to take a moment and relax.

I did that a few times yesterday. In between kicking the ever loving shit out of the day.

I got bunches of stuff moved over to the new house. And I got the plants all transferred and set up in their temporary formation. There are plant stands to pick up from Jitterbug, and then they need to be painted, and some plants need to be repotted. So, yes, temporary formation. The “good enough for now” formation.

And I went to an artist lecture last night. The woman that will be teaching my workshop this weekend, Karen Hanmer, gave a talk about her work last night at the university. She’s super rad. You should look her up.

I rounded the day out with shifting a few things around in the new house…

February 22

Today is the usual crazy Thursday.

So much to do.

So little time.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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