Not-So-Secretly Counting the Days…


June 23, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Until all of you die.

Preferably from bacterial infections.

Or by complications due to the sun burning out.

Today’s theme is: Henry.

I think it’s about time we all pitched in and got him a body. Don’t you?

I’m also starting to think I need a Minister of Weights and Measures. To standardize things around here. Like the blocks for Bloq-a-hula, for example.

Yesterday was crazy.

I was all over the place.

At some point Clip Kid and I tried to get heat exhaustion by splitting wood in the sun. So we took a break and I took his portrait…

June 22

Sadly, I wore myself out in the heat.

I didn’t get nearly as much done yesterday as I had intended. But that’s the way the Biscoff dissolves in your coffee.

I still haven’t touched my new comics. And I am still three episodes behind on American Gods.

I won’t be getting to any of that any time soon either.

Today is another busy day.

And tomorrow is going to be packed, too.

Just a reminder, the memorial for Marget is tomorrow at the Windgate Building at UAFS from 2-4pm. Brings snacks if you want. And bring all the people. It’ll really boost Le Duc’s spirits if you all show up to show your love and appreciation for Marget.

Okay. I’m off to wear myself out first thing this morning.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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