Slowly Rocking.


June 22, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

In the creakiest rocking chair ever.

Today’s theme is: Portrait.


Just what I needed on my super busy day.

To organize a photoshoot.

Oh well.

Nature of the beast.

Yesterday was another full day.

I got that fucking room done. I only have four more rooms to finish. Ugh.

I might need to have a painting party again soon.

I also picked up some comics. I’ve been jonesing. I’ve been out of town so much lately I haven’t had a chance to go pick any books up.

I did a little work for work.

I watered my garden. The marigolds are finally fucking blooming…

June 21

They’re crazy. They’ve got to be at least two feet tall. Only one has actually opened. I think the others are waiting until they are taller than me. Assholes.

And Konan Ăšlfur and I worked on our book. I guess I can actually talk about it a bit more now that we have some of it written. We’re making a book of bad poetry. That’s kind of about anxiety. But mostly about being weirdos.

I think that sums up yesterday.

Today is Thursday.

It’s gonna be hectic.

Maybe I’ll get tacos for lunch.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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