The One and Only Reason I Put Pants On.


June 12, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Is so I’ll have a pocket for my janky, old iPod that I listen to the collected works of JK Rowling (& Robert Galbraith) on.

Today’s theme is: Outdoors.

You’ll be happy to hear that I rested all weekend.

I started my resting by attempting to split a lot of oak logs over at Clipkid and Sica’s house. Fuck a bunch of oak logs.

I redirected my restful energy to continuing the mucking out of the art porch/greenhouse and the carport.

And to building a Bloq-a-hula court with Taco Planet. The court is filled with mulch and sand which provide support for the funnel. Which promotes less breaking of the funnels.

Sunday, my resting involved painting the guest bedroom/meditation room, doing laundry, cleaning up in the art porch/greenhouse, and trying to make the Audible app do it’s coddamned job.

The guest room/meditation room looks great…

June 11

If only you could see the color. Ahahahahhaha!!!

I still need to do a second coat and cut in the trim.

I’ll have to work on that after work today. You know, when I’m taking it easy after a hard day at the office.

Speaking of hard, I have to go do a lot of crunches or something now.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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