The Sensation of Sitting Down.


July 13, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Mixed with the sensation of watching your loved owns being engulfed by a volcano.

That sums up how sore I was yesterday.

Needless to say I stood a lot.

Today’s theme is: Portrait.

So, if I wasn’t officially over the summer, I am now.

I worked in the sun for about an hour yesterday. Not even doing anything strenuous. And every ounce of liquid that was inside of me poured out of my skin. I looked like someone dumped a bucket of filthy water over my head. Why filthy? Because I was working on the chicken coops. And you can imagine how clean they are.

We’ve entered into that part of the summer where I take seventy showers a day.

And I barely have time to take one a day.

Hence me being over summer.

I rounded out the day by remembering that I never told you about my trip to pick up Lucky Charm in Nashville. This pretty much sums it up…

July 12

Yes. I bought a photo of Johnny Cash holding a kitten.

Yet another white dude for the Hall of Portraits.

I need to bring the portraits that I made as props for last year’s photo project into the Hall. Sisko, Traci, and Margaret are still up in the studio. We are starting to get a little variety in there. Progress takes for-ev-er.

Today is Thursday.

Let the shitshow begin!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Cough*Traci’s mine.

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